are these too good to be true???!!!


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Jun 20, 2005
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Aurora, CO
I was posting my e-500 for sale on Craigslist this evening and happened upon two seemingly too good to be true sales...

the first was for a used D2X for 1100(body only) and the second was for a IDS for 1200... i emailed the owner asking about them... but wanted your opinions since youre all just so smart :hail:
there is most likely a catch. there is no way that you can get a d2x body for 1100. i'd be highly suspicious about buying that. however, if you could get it for that much, more power to ya!!
Ya, i am not falling for it, but ill talk to the guy and see what else he has to say. He said that they are actually the european model thus they dont come with a warranty here in the states, but they are actually new, not used. Im sure its a fraud, but i asked if they were actually in denver, so i could maybe check them out in person. Oh well! ill just stick with getting a 30d :D
Just keep your wits about you - there's no such thing as "too good to be true" unless it is a con. You'll be fine, but questioning is a very important stage to every deal.

i bet there's some damages that aren't mentioned. d2x's are usually in the 4300's (to my knowledge). be careful and good luck.

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