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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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As suggested, I not put these in the "beginner" section :) (Yes I'm honored!) Both looks, are intentional. The lights are intentional.
For the 2nd pic, I intentionally changed the color and raised the blue channel for the look. My wife is my model and you are the judges :mrgreen:

(All editings are done by me through Photoshop)


They look like wet clay to me, meaning they still need to be molded, shaped and hardened in post into a final polished look. You are obviously going for a very refined, stylized look for both images, and they both need to be heavily treated to get there (it would be undetectable to the average viewer) to bring them to the level of look I feel you are going for.

The nose shadow in #2 casting upwards is a bit hard and distracting. The other shadows on her need to be reduced too imo, and i think after that, it move towards being a really nice image. I think the shadows are too heavy as well in #1 since it is a beauty shot.

The top of her hair in #1 has lost detail. If you have the RAW file, I might bring in another copy with boosted detail and mask it into the image.

#2 looks like the color balance is off. I know you said that it was intentional, but I think it needs to be pushed farther to look intentional. And that doesn't mean necessarily a universal blue cast, perhaps just making the back wall more blue might unify the blue look enough.

Great start. I'm picking a part a lot. But I feel you could retouch and adjust the images to a very high levels.

If you don't know who Amy Dresser is, check out her portfolio. You can roll over her images to see the before and after on the retouched. It might give you some inspiration.

Beautiful model!

I don't have much room to B*tch, but just a few things I noticed.
1- I think the model should have her eyes open in this shot-Just my Opinion though. Still looks good. There's also something behind her head/shoulder area( something white) on her right side...what is that?! ( I'm on a I may be seeing things) :biglaugh:
2- the shadow on her face near her nose-- on her left side(?) Is distracting.

Overall, great pics! :) thanks for sharing.
The lighting on the first one seems harsh to me, but I may be crazy.
No more need to put these into the Beginners' Gallery, but then "Beyond the Basics" is text-only, so I moved them into the regular galleries, and here into "People". That seems the most fitting one here. OK?

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