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    I'm definitely looking for a mentor a REAL ONE rofl....I was going to post this on craigslist but got kinda scared! What really sucks is I don't have a car so I can't go anywhere to really work for a photographer but I really want to mentor under one. I am currently living in downtown Atlanta, GA and would love to hook up with someone and maybe take pictures and get some tips or something!!!! I love taking pictures of ANYTHING but mostly Portrait/Fashion/Landscape....grrr nvm I LOVE IT ALL!

    I am new here so please pardon if I posted this in the wrong spot but I kinda wanna meet some new people too. ummmm....yup so I guess that's it for now I don't wanna bore neone! So write me if you're....bored too I guess!

    EDIT: umm so yeah I noticed I was commenting on everything I was that bad? is that spamming or anything I don't wanna get in trouble was just really bored! okay...maybe I should just get off the computer! thanks bai!!!!!


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