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Nov 8, 2009
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So my friend got his new ride and wanted some pics with it. This is my favorite!


Yes, the HDR is probably overdone! But I like it :er:

Thank you!
I like it. If the subject stood out more and the background less noisey, youd be golden.
Thanks Caso!

I thought the noise gave it a nice touch and added in the vignette to add to the look :)

But I see what you mean by the subject standing out more. I'm guessing a flash would have helped here eh?
Sure, in professional car shoots they use additional lights for that but I don't think it's a must have.

First of give us the EXIF info of this shot. What's the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length?

This shot of course is way too noisy. I wouldn't have a problem shooting this with ISO 100 at f5.6-f9 with longer shutter speeds just to avoid the noise.

Your friend either has to hold still for as long as necessary if he wants to be identifiable but personally I like an element in the frame that is blurry especially in long time exposures. So he could be actually walking around the car which could create some nice effect.

Also if you wait longer until the sun is even further down, just do a 20 second exposure having him walk around the car with a flashlight. That would give you some funky streaks.

Play around.
Thanks for your feedback!

creisinger - This is a 6 shot exposure. All of them were at ISO 1000, f/22. Shutter speed varied from 1/8 - 4sec. Shot using D300s at 19mm (using 18-55mm)

Personally I liked the noise and the vignette, but here's another version without either:

Those are some nice ideas creisinger, I'll try that out when I get a chance again! :)
I like either edit. It just depends on the type of shot you were wanting. Nice shots either way. What city is it overlooking?
Why f22?

I mean, was it your intention to go up to ISO 1000 to get the noise?

Noise/artifacting is usually not desired when shooting. If you want to add grain later that's a different thing but your first shoot looks kind of "off" to me just because of the noise.

Again, I wouldn't have gone further than ISO 200.
You're right f/22 is probably too less. I wanted the grains on the road, the car and the mountains to be in focus. So I tried it out with f/22. I guess f/8 could have achieved the same thing?

I would love to see your edited version!

I think the aspect ratio can be improved. You may not like this one but I think the native format is not ideal for this shot either.

I just pushed the colors and a bit of contrast. Not much more I would do though as I have to take into consideration the original image.

It was only a 2 minute edit anyway.

I also rotated it a couple degrees counter clock wise and oh next time: make sure to either point the front tires straight ahead or at a 30+ degree angle.
Wow, that does look a lot better. I guess the road is not as interesting as I thought it would be! :)

Yup, the tires do look awkward. I'll keep that in mind the next time. Thanks for your time on this!

timlair - Thanks man! This is overlooking Boulder, CO.
You're welcome. I always play around with different aspect ratios as you can really improve an image just by doing that.

Happy shooting.
that looks good creisinger! I was thinking of adding a caption there but on the road. But I like your version too! :)

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