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Jan 2, 2008
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My lens cap doesn't fit on very securely. I'm a bit worried it's going to fall off sometime and the lens will get damaged as a result. I was taking the camera out of its bag today and it came out with the lens cap off. There was no damage to the lens fortunately and it might have even come off while I was taking it out but I don't like to take changes.

What are my options to better protect my lens?
Do you have an UV filter to protect you lens? Its a good idea to have one, that way even if you cap comes off the filter will still protect the lens. Also if you ever bump the lens when shooting it will protect the lens from breaking.
lens caps are like what $4.00 I just bought one this morning at ritz for that price take your lens there and find a cap that fits it right
I went down to Murphy's camera today and had them order a UV filter for me. The guy said that the current cap might fit a bit better once the UV filter is on so we can try that first. If not, the cap is only like $5 so I can pick that up too.

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