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Jan 17, 2006
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San Antonio, TX
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I currently have a Lowepro Stealth Reporter D200 AW. It's very tight with my current camera with grip and lens attached, plus 2 lenses and a flash. I plan on getting a 28-200 f/2.8L IS lens in the future. I don't like backpacks, I'd rather have a shoulder bag. I also would like to put my Stroboframe ProT flash bracket in the bag as well. What are my options for a camera bag?

I would appreciate any suggestion.
You can move to the lowepro stealth reporter 400AW. Should be more than enough space.

Thanks.....I was looking at the 400AW too, looks like it should satisfy my needs. Thinking of keeping the 200AW and just use it when I don't need to bring all my lenses.
I say .. Can never have too many bags... all sorts depending on needs!!

You can also buy an extra heavy duty padded strap for that bag as well.

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