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May 9, 2012
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Hi all,
went to Plymouth, Ma beach with a local photo club. I don't get out much with them but this was to a beach that does not allow much access, so I went to learn and see..
I cropped and fooled with it in PSE 11 briefly as I do not know the program that well.
thoughts and help appreciated.
Thanks all!

Plymouth Beach birds.jpg
I like it. The motion blur gives it sort of a hurried feel which works great for this shot.

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It's an odd cropping, but to be honest I can't see what else you could do short of cropping to a small part...and I do not think that would work as well.
I think maybe cropping off the five birds on the right hand side, and then taking the image to a watercolor/pastel painting level of detail might be a good way to go. The two bird that are now in the top right hand corner would look good dragged to the left upper corner and composited. But overall, I think I'd go watercolor on this, sort of a dreamy, less-photo-realistic way with it.

Plymouth Beach birds_variant.JPG
Here's sort of what I meant...
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I like the impression I get of warm sunlight, I like the color. I might have liked it with the top cropped very slightly and a little more space below but it's still nice. (You know, I might think about cropping the left side a little, just enough to eliminate the light area (a wing?) in the lower left; then maybe the top edge a little straighten/crop to get rid of the line of the shore. I usually make copies and eyeball it and may try more than one crop.)
Very nice effect!
The only thing I can see is that your horizon line on the original photo is falling ever so slightly to the right.
I like this shot a lot and agree with vintagesnaps.

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