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May 9, 2011
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Raleigh NC
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Just wanted to share a couple of images. First is when I started playing with flash; second is where I am today. Trying to improve thru practice and advice

thanks for looking


Comparing color to black & white is like comparing apples to oranges :lmao:
do you like apples or oranges :)
Yes I do. But pleases don't ask me witch I prefer. Because it would be like apples to oranges :lol:
The second is vastly superior. The first one is simply lousy in a bunch of ways, the second is quite good.

You got the flash off-axis, and in fact straight into Rembrandt position, or very close. The dramatic chiaroscuro works well with the "almost Rembrandt" lighting, but of course you'd want some fill or reflection with a more modern look. You've separated the model from the background in the second, as well.

The camera angle feels slightly low in the second one, though. Maybe just a hair. It DOES create an impression of tallness in the subject and it's not like we're looking up her nostrils, but you might consider a slightly higher camera position.
thanks Amolitar :)

Do you like apples or oranges?
In this case, I like oranges, and would politely refuse your apple ;)

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