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Feb 1, 2004
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Some more photos of the dancers and actors getting prepared before the dance performance called "The Dollmaker's Secret" in the little town 10 miles down the road from here:





(One of the "stylists" at work, i.e. the dance instructor's sister who came - along with many adult dancers and/or the little ones' parents - to do the make up before the performance)


(She is the beautiful girl who laughed at me in the mirror in the other thread, here still before her make-up was on)







There are also a couple of really nice ones on film (existing as prints) - but I haven't had the time for any scanning in the past couple of days.

Edit: Oh, this Photobucket! Grrrr :irked:
All these photos had been downsized to 600x400 (or 400x600, respectively) and what happens? Some get made even smaller :x .'s a thread I can jump in on early :)

OK, here goes:

I like #5 because of the great lighting and the way the BG is so really focus on the girl (who is quite an attractive person).

#6 because of the cool color the girl is being painted, and I just love the look of seriousness (back in my theatre days, I might have interpretted this as "getting into character") on her face.

#8 just bacause you caught her in such a great expression...nice candid shot!

and finally #s 10 and 11 because of the great makeup jobs!

Thanks again for posting these and sharing with us, LaFoto.
great great shooting.. make sure you pics are less then 250 kb before you load them up to photobucket!! If you hold your mouse over the edited file for a sec, it will tell you the details of the file., or.. just list your files in the details mode, rather then thumbnails..
Good series, nice job softening the backgrounds with the DOF, do you have tilting head flash, if so try to bounce the flash to help cut down on the shadows like in #s 8 & 11 (I forget this myself all the time:er: )
3 and 7 really bring the veiwers into what is going on behind the stage. Great job LaFoto, I am trying to learn as much as I can about this kind of photography as I will be takign a few shots for a school's play dress rehersal this weekend :).
Sorry, Jeff, no tilting-head flash. Wish I had. But all the flash there is is the on-camera flash. So with some young dancers/actors I was lucky and could make use of the given light, others that were in too dark corners of the room, I had to use the flash, even when shooting digital at 1600 iso (all the photos on film HAD to be taken with the flash, for I only have 200 iso film).

And Brittany, if only all this could have happened "behind the scenes" - actually, they were all scattered about the audience "hall" (the stage was set up in a village pub hall), some sitting on the edge of the stage - the "stylists" who had their actors/dancers THERE were lucky to have the stage lights on for them, so they could actually SEE what they were doing (and I go that light for my photos - casting deep "racoon" eyes :roll: -), others had to "grope around in the dark" (relative dark) in other parts of the room... it was all VERY improvised!
Great shots Corrina. My faves are 3, 8, and 9. Nicely done.

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