Beginner's Embarrassment?


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Sep 28, 2010
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Ok, a rather silly question but I can't be the first to experience it... Walking through the hiking trails or strolling the beach I have no problem lugging around the camera/and or tripod and shooting away. BUT how did you guys get over the initial hesitation when you see an awesome cloud formation or farmhouse but feel silly too pull the car over and snap away while traffic rolls by? ;)

Would love to hear how you all worked past that...assuming I'm not the only one to feel this way.
Just do it. Pull over and get the shot. I mean ****, who's going to question you? The fuzz?


That probably won't happen. Just remember, the probability that you know who's passing you and looking at you is very low. And if someone does pass you that knows you, they'd probably be expecting you to take photos, right?

Plus, most of the people that pass you are more than likely smoking joints and could care less, unless you live in Singapore. Smoking a joint is a punishable by death.
As long it's not illegal, shoot away. I don't care what people might think.
I just shot the pic I dont get shy about it peaple look at me like Im stupid without a cam so it doesnt bother me :)
I actually zone in so much when I'm shooting that I really don't notice other people.
I had that fear in the beginning too, but to "heck" with those other ppl lol. Some might poke fun @ you while you bend in a certain way or laying on the ground to get a certain angle, BUT those are the same that will probably love your shot and want to buy it lol
I shoot people, so I've never really had that problem. But why be embarassed about anything? Who gives a **** about what other people think.
like everyone says just do it who cares haha! my grilfriend is the same way she is to concerned what people are going to think or say as she is shooting something
This is how I got over it.

go into town, and on purpose take photos of public and more importantly officials

that way you get their reactions there and then and learn to deal with them

Luckily for me, no one approached me, instead they simply walked away, some even walked through the line of sight inappropriately!!

but yeah, just do it, no one cares as long as its not too creepy (taking pics with a zoom lens pointed towards a girls butt or a child etc...)
im getting over that. and im glad. coming home from a race in atlanta i was watching the sun set and kept thinking i should stop. exit by exit, eventually i did stop and took a photo that now hangs in my office. i realised i need to just stop and take those pics.
In Paris in the square in front of Notre Dame cathedral I asked my travel companion to just start looking up, don't say anything, just look up. Within a few minutes nearly everyone in the square was looking up. Got some interesting photographs from that experiment.

So don't be shy, just do it.
They just might think you are a pro and try to hire ya!

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