Bermuda Sunsets - Long Exposure Fun!


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Jan 3, 2010
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First time using Lightroom 3 to pp raw files and loving it! CC always appreciated.




Awsome pictures but the boat and the light tower things kinda detract from the picture. Nice work.
Love 1,3,4 pretty set of pics
thanks for the input, anyone else?

angler, personally i feel the fishing boat adds to the photo which is why i composed it this way. i was hoping it would be significant enough for the viewer to put themselves in the boat, in front of this amazing sunset. does anyone get this feeling or at least feel it adds some interest to the foreground?

jackie, how about no 2? im undecided on it but i do like the colors that came through so long after sunset

im hoping to use one or two of these for the walll of my appt so any more input is appreciated!
Awsome pictures but the boat and the light tower things kinda detract from the picture. Nice work.
I agree about the boat because it is WAY to small for my taste.

However, I think the lights work very well. Because it has that pin light, it seems right to me.

Who knows, its going to be different for everyone.
2 is pretty also the colors are nice and it would be pretty in a frame put 2 and 4 together somehow in the frame(A Black frame with 2 sections to divied them and that would make a pretty wall feature

The boat gives a sense of scale to help show the awesomeness of the sunset. Lose the boat, and it's just another nice sunset.

I like the light on the right, but not so much the one on the left in #2.

#3 doesn't do much for me personally.

#4 is fantastic.
thanks again for the input, honest and different opinions are really helpful

jackie thanks for the advice, i wasnt sold on putting this up but might try it out. mostly because the colors are so different than any other shots i have

buckster, thanks for the pointer on no 2, im going to take out the marker on the left... i agree less distraction without it and the viewer eye will flow undistracted to the light on the horizon. also three is my least favorite as well

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