Best "How-To" book for outdoor portraits?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by xyllian, Jun 28, 2004.

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    I'm a decent amatuer photog and have mainly been doing scenics for the last five years or so. I've got a tripod and a decent Minolta Maxxum XTsi 35mm SLR but don't want to spend a lot more money on gear. I've got two lenses for it: a Quantaray 30-70 and a Quantaray 70-300 zoom.

    I'm interested in doing outdoor portrait work (just for fun and friends not really trying to sell commercially). I have been looking on for good books on Portrait Photography but all the reviews seem conflicting and there are no clear stand-out books.

    I'd be grateful for any advice on getting started with outdoor portrait work including books, lenses, lighting equipment, and film. I would like to do some b&w as well as color. The Minolta takes pretty darn good pics for being 5 years old so I'm not really looking to buy a new camera.


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    I have [ame=] Professional Secrets of Natural Light Portrait Photography[/ame] by Douglas Allen Box, and I have really enjoyed it.

    He uses both photographic examples and diagrams to teach, and covers all natural light portrait settings, outdoor and using window light, etc.

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