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Feb 23, 2012
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I was just wondering what the you guys thought of my bird photographs. I recently got my first DSLR (The Canon Rebel T3i in january) and want to know how to improve my photography. All the pictures were taken with a canon 75-300mm lens at 300mm. I have not edited nor cropped any of the images because I am still learning how to properly work photoshop, if anyone has tips/tricks with editing or can tell me the best way to edit to get the best results it would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone has any advice for taking better/sharper photos I would like to hear it very much!

$Black-Capped Chickadee.jpg$Bush Tit.jpg$English Sparrow.jpg$Female English Sparrow.jpg$Housefinch.jpg$IMG_0685.jpg

For some reason uploading them took out some color and darkened them don't know why...
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Best advice I was given for the 75-300 was shoot at less than 300mm, slightly, shoot at f7.1 or something as opposed to f5.6 (wide open at 300mm).
This gives sharper images as no lens generally works best at full stretch and wide open. It also stops the purple fringing somewhat when shooting against the light sky.

Worked for me. :)
Thanks for the advice! The next sunny/bright day I have I'll go out and test your suggestions out, doesn't look like it will be soon thug the forecast is rain for the next week. Again thank you for the tip, anyone else have other pieces of advice or criticism?

Here are a few more I took today at 200 mm, I think it really improved the quality, and I tried editing the robin picture. How do they look?
Some seem kinda underexposed to me...
The robin picture really stand out among them though. Really good colour of the bird and the background matches nicely :) (And it looks exposed properly lol... maybe its my monitor...)
Process the photos.
Shoot in better light.
Get closer.
Look for cleaner backgrounds.
Sometimes you need to find a place and let the birds come to you.....patience grasshopper.
I have been using the HDR toning tool in photoshop, do other people use this for post processing?
Your second bunch of photos are pretty good!
Are you shooting in RAW?
Like the second lot, and the nuthatches are great.

As you allow editing, I had a play with one of them...What do you think?


IMG_3268 by, on Flickr


the nuthatch by, on Flickr

I just applied a little brilliance and warmth in Nik Colour Efex, and a little sharpening, and a small minimal vignette using levels.
They're not bad but they are definitely underexposed as previously mentions. You're better off overexposing a tad rather than underexposing. It's easier to fix an overexposed photo and make it better. Try adjusting the white balance as well. It looks like you have a slight blue cast to most of them. That may be due to the underexposure as well though.
Hi guys. I'm a newbie, I've just registered today on your forum. I actually don't spend to many time on photography forums, but this one it's pretty much interesting, so I'm thinking to spend a little time around here, reading. I always loved photography but I started more seriously a few years ago, by buying my first Nikon DSLR camera.
@ Pluxar : I'm a big fan of the animals overall, and that includes wildlife photography. You got here some very good advices, and if it was for me to say something more, that would be that you must always try to focus on the bird's head/eyes.

Thanks a lot for all your feedback you guys! I really like your edit on the Nuthatch, Bend the light, I like how it is still naturally colored just with more light. I think I went a little overboard with my edit below but I'm still learning. What do you guys think of this ruby crown kinglet?

$Ruby-crowned Kinglet copy.jpg$Ruby-crowned Kinglet.jpg

Hmm not sure how I attached the thumb nail... thats a edit I deleted...


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