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Mar 24, 2006
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I am sad that the shadow on the right got cut off... But aside from that, is this shot interesting enough? Or just kind of bland. How can I improve something like this?

Taken with my new Nikon D50.
Honestly, I think it's pretty bland. I'd like to see some more interesting lighting. i.e. more shadows off the bolts, and maybe some interesting shadowing or contrast in the dropoff at the bottom.


A different angle. Maybe a sharp closeup of the writing on the bolts, or an angle that you wouldnt normally look at the bolt from.
Interesting enough for what? As a stock photo for an industrial firm maybe and exhibit on rust or metal sure. You are correct about the shadow, the angel might improve some of the photo's elements.
I am of a different opinion. I wouldn't have suggested a close up of the bolts because thats a typical thing to do to a rusty object, such as this. Much more importantly tho... you wouldn't have have captured that white line, dividing the two contrasting textures. This is the most important feature of this picture imo and glad you decided to include it. I agree with you, the bolt shadow on the right is noticably cropped, but as an abstract image i kinda like it as it is... i would be tempted to add more shadow/highlight detail... and would have considered changing the angle maybe.. but that is all i'd change.
well... for me the picture needs to shout... or say something... so we are able to think longer about the picture... giving a metaphore...
bit more saturation maybe

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