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Mar 25, 2006
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I was wondering what everyone thought of the composition of this subject, I snuck up on him in a Marina down in Mexico about a week ago and I've never shot wildlife before. Lots of portraits and stuff like buildings, cars, etc....

The only gripe I have is that my filter must have a scratch on it.

picture was shot with a Minolta Maxxum 50 SLR with a 300mm telephoto set to 300mm, settings set to automatic, with a polarizer filter. Also I used regular 400 Kodak color film.
Composition is alright - that weird bright rainbow thing is a bit distracting (possibly from the scratch?) and I would try to clone it out in Photoshop...

My only gripe is the watermark accross the image... I understand that yo want to protect copyrights, but a smaller mark in the corner would be more effective.... Ruining an image with a large watermark is like a baker baking a cake and smearing poop on it so nobody eats it... :)

Nice shot though - almost looks like he is posing for the picture!
The rainbow is the first thing my eyes were drawn to as well. You cropped a bit of the feet too. Other than that I like it much.

I agree with the watermark. In this forum we are all respectful of eachother's photos and will not even edit to help out unless instructed by the photographer that it is okay to edit (OTE).
i'll remember that when I do my watermarks. I've had some problems in the past and didn't know. The photo has been left alone, no cropping or anything in photoshop. I have so many photos I would like feedback on, but I guess I'll introduce them slowly.

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