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Dec 14, 2003
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I went down to the lake last night to catch the sunset, and was bored, so I had my bubble maker in the car, and had an idea.

Bubbles on the lake.



Gonna go back and try this one again. The light was really low, but you can still see the sunset in the bubble a bit. :lol:
very coooool! lovin the tilt in the first and the compo and POV of the second. really neat chiller :D

guess one should never be without one's bubble maker :D
hey great idea buddy, these look great, will be interesting to see how they turn out in good light, but i do like the colours that are showing up in these. cool :thumbup:
Chiller said:
...so I had my bubble maker in the car....

So I'm getting this mental image of your car: probably black in colour, skull in the back window, heavy metal music loaded up in the sound system, fog machine in the trunk and now a bubble maker??!! :lmao:

What an incredibly cool and creative idea for these pics! I love the irridescent colours in the bubbles, and the reflection of them in the water. If you're gonna take more, hope you post 'em. :thumbup: :thumbup:
great shots chiller...the second is awesome :thumbup:
Wow!! These are very cool shots! Chiller you never cease to amaze me with your creative genius! - Excellent work!
Thanks for all your kind words. I just found a new spot today, to head back and try this again..in some good lighting.
thanks again.
Thanks a ton Midge. I appreciate your comments. Welcome to the forum too. !!!

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