burning & dodging in ps

Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by Osmer_Toby, Mar 15, 2004.

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    open photo you want to burn/dodge
    make a copy of the layer
    click on layer->new layer
    (you have to do this for access to greyscale button- keyboard shortcuts won't work here)
    change mode to overlay
    click box that says fill with 50% greyscale
    click ok
    activate brush tool- set opacity to approx 30%
    hit d on keyboard to change foreground color to white
    make brush appropriate size
    with white as foreground color, paint the areas you want to dodge
    to burn, hit x on keyboard to switch to black
    if the first swipe with the brush does not do it, go over area until desired tone is achieved
    the advantage to this method is no "bruising" of pixels, which happens when you burn/dodge directly on layer you want to change

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    Thanks, man! I've been doing it the old way, and kinda hate it. I've been too lazy to look up how to do it better (there's so much to learn). This will be a big help. That "briuising" sucks, and you can't undo it once it's saved. Woo!

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