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Dec 27, 2008
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Indianapolis, IN
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Was on my lunch again and took these.






Wow! I haven't been on this forum in quite some time! Ok tell me what ya think.

I really like the second one, good composition. The rest don't really do a whole lot for me.
Interesting choice, but great! I'd figure one might like the forth one the best, but maybe that's just me. Anyway pretty cool! I haven't been on here for a great while so I would be so excited to see what people think and which one floats their boat. Keep it comin people!

I think the first one is amazing. The gray sky makes the picture seem really lonely and haunting. The branches in the foreground make me feel like I'm deep in the woods looking at this thing, and two of the branches sort of frame the subject. Really nice work on that one, in my opinion.

Of the others, none of them really do much for me except the last, which I like, but I feel like the lamp almost blends too much with the sky. I really like the streaks on the bottom of the lamp though.
I like #3 and #4 the best. #1 is cool, but I find the branches distracting. My eyes are immediately drawn to the branch at the bottom of the pic. #2 and #5 really don't do anything for me. I think #4 is the best.
I like this! It's so interesting to hear diverse responses like this. Jordan, you are making me want to write a story and maybe use this image as the book cover or part of a book cover. Maybe some kind of daytime horror story in a ghost town or some sort. A guy gets lost and ends up in this town with not a person around, coming back to his car later to see that suddenly his gas tank is completely empty when it was at the halfway mark when he left it.

Good stuff! Keep em commin!

Welcome back.

1-- I would really like, but I agree that the tree branch in the front is very distracting. Perhaps you could clone out just that one branch?

2-- I like the best because of the texture of the old wooden bench, but for me, I'd prefer it centered {GASP - gonna hear it for that remark I know} but to me the bench stands out more that way. As is- the tree in the background is distracting. If it were cropped at the top right at the base of the tree i think it would be perfect.

3--- is okay and 4 & 5 do nothing for me at all.
The branches in the back were fine, it was just that one across the front I had the problem with. :)
Yes these are all good points! There's always going to be something one will like and another won't. I might would prefer the one with no branches, but like the one with branches for a story.

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