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C&C please! Hot air balloon photo


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Aug 4, 2010
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Hi! I'm new to this forum and photography in general.
I travel a lot, and would like to take better photos with my p&s camera...
Here's a photo I took on a hot air balloon. Any C&C will be greatly appreciated!

Hey, you actually did go on one of the hot air balloon rides in Cappadokia in Turkey? Cool, I didn't turf out the money for that, but the morning I WOULD have gone (had I wanted to) would have been dull and dreary, not with light like you had when you went. I would have loved to go on a morning like YOU had when you took the ride, wow, that's cool, I've only ever seen those valley from below...

Welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Just a pity you weren't a little closer and behind the other ballon or had a zoom/tele lens, nice shot for a p&s anyway though. H
It's a nice shot. The balloon gets a little lost in the background. But not bad. The shadow helps the balloon pop out a bit more. Your exposure and focus look good. What kind of camera do you have?
Thank you! I used Cannon Powershot SD700. Cappadocia was my last stop in Turkey after 2 months of backpacking, soo I just splurged. Would've been nice if I got better shots though, haha.

Maybe I can crop the picture a little.
I just upped the contrast a little and upped the saturation on the balloon and sharpened it slightly and it looked pretty good. Deleting now though as I saw your pics aren't okay to edit. :)

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