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Jan 13, 2012
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I'm gonna C&C your Screen Name...I Love it!!!
Before I do... how about you tell us (1) What, if any issues you see, and (2) What your intent was with these images and what message(s) you want to convey to the viewer?
Before I do... how about you tell us (1) What, if any issues you see, and (2) What your intent was with these images and what message(s) you want to convey to the viewer?

Ok! I just got my camera and these are some of the first pictures I've taken, but I'll try. I wasn't really trying to convey any specific messages seeing as I'm just starting out, I would rather just try to get the technical aspects correct first.

For #1, the spoon might not be sharp enough?

For #3, probably could also be sharper, but I don't have a macro lens and was just experimenting :)

#4, maybe I shouldn't have tried the selective colour?

#5, might be considered overexposed due to the light at the top, although I think it adds to the picture.

I'm not so good at recognising compositional/technical errors yet!
Okay, good; at least you're looking more carefully at your images. That's a start. I'll be honest, I don't see a lot of artistic merit in most of these, so my comments will relate mainly to the technical issues.

C&C per req:

1. There's no distinc point for the eye to focus on. You're right, the spoon is soft, it appears that you actually focused on the counter below; it may also be camera shake. At 1/15 of a second, you really need to support the camera. Always watch where the camera is focusing and make sure it is the place you want.

2. This is a nice exposure, sharp, and good monnochrome conversion and overall, isn't a bad image. Next time, try and get the subject walking into, rather than out of the image.

3. Looks somewhat under-exposed, but I suspect it's recoverable in post.

4. Exposure and and focus look good.

5. Selective colouring... some like it, most don't. I don't. If you do use it however, make sure that you colour the object(s) that you really want the eye drawn to. In this case, I think one or both of the plush toys would have been a better choice than the ivy.

6. The headphones are somewhat under-exposed because your camera's meter was trying to account for the very bright background light upper middle. In a situation like this, consider using spot metering to get a correct exposure on the subject.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

1. The subject is kind of boring. We see a portion of the spoon on ?corian? with an OOF faucet in the background. I'd put more thought into the shot, like a tipped over empty pint of ice cream, with it's reminents melting onto the counter with the spoon strategically placed. Or maybe a bowel in little bit in front of it with the spoon in it... you get the point.

2. Dark human- dark background, light dog- light background... I personally would have followed for a different backdrop, or shot from behind (slight offset to see dog) with something like f/2.8.

3. Nice Pedo capture. Dislike the trash receptacle, but like the building.

4. I would have filled the frame with the lower sad bear. Sometimes it's better to give the eye a target, as it right now it's too busy and doesnt work well for me.

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