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Mar 12, 2012
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Virginia Beach
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Be honest on these images. This was the first engagement in picture 1. 2 & 3 are from my first wedding I did.


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f/#= f/ number/aperture
OOF= Out of Focus
PP= Post Processing
C&C= Critique and Comments
CC=Same as above
ROT= Rule of Thirds
TPF=The Photo Forum
IQ=Image Quality
IS=Image Stabilization(Canon) \
VR=Vibration Reduction(Nikon) -- These are all the same ;D
OS=Optical Stabilization(Sigma) /
AWB=Auto White Balance
CA=Chromatic aberration
ETTL=Evaluative through-the-lens(Canon) \
iTTL=intelligent through-the-lens(Nikon) -- Also same thing
TTL=Through the lens
P&S=Point and Shoot
EXIF=Exchangeable image file format
SLR=Single Lens Reflex
HSM=Hyper-Sonic Motor (Sigma Lens)
USM=Ultrasonic Motor (Canon Lens)
VC=Vibration Compensation (Tamron Lens)
EOS=Electro-Optical System (Canon Camera series)
EF=Electro-Focus (Canon Lens)
EF-S=Same as EF, S stands for "short back focus" (Canon Lens)
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Ok thanks! im new and I didn't know exactly where to post it because last time I posted it got moved also. Im learning how to maneuver the site and where to post. I went and tried editing the last 2 out but it wouldn't let me remove it
I'm still a newb but I would have liked to see more of the veil in #1. Watch the limb cutting in # 2and# 3. In #2 I think you could have shot more head instead of off to the side. It would have captured the wedding party a little more unless you wanted a solo shot of them. # 3, aside from the limb cutting and the spot of sun on her face, the glove and ball just doesnt do anything for me aside from saying they like baseball. These are just my .02. Yours may vary.
#1 .. her veil and his forehead blown out... flowers appear soft due to inadequate DOF.. (looks wonky to me!) Background is kind of busy, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. You did capture the kiss nicely.

#2 her dress is blown out badly... and you cut the feet off, and left all that nasty dead space on top! His shirt is blown out... and the highlights on his face could be toned down.

#.. his hands / wrists cut off... her butt is cut off. Light is harsh.... background is totally blown! Flash would have helped save the background, and put some life in their faces, and some catchlights in their eyes. B&W conversion is muddy...
Thanks i see what your saying about the limbs and veil. I will start watching that more in the future. Yeah the baseball and glove thing doesnt do much for me but they love baseball and he plays (I believe) 6 days a week. she loves watching him so they wanted engagement pics of baseball themed/wedding baseball themed pictures. The wedding will be on a baseball field. I have some shots of the wedding party if you would like to see some of those?
O and in that picture all of the wedding party wasn't lined up all together at the time they exited the church which is why i didnt get the party as well. Il
Well I think in # 1 you have harsh shadows on his face and jacket, the background needs to be more out of focus and her Vail is washed out # 2 Feet are cut off, and the girl in the upper left need to go. again lighting problems
Ok so the one with the baseball in it. There wedding is at 1pm on a baseball field. We have one hour to do the wedding and pictures. Lighting is horrible that time of day. Any ideas on what can help with blow out and bright light at that time of day?

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