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Feb 18, 2013
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Still trying to get better, plenty of room for improvement...:)

This was a completely off guard photo, but I loved it..

It is inded an interesting shot, I think her face has too much shadows on it, but I love how the hair is catching the light, I would crop some of the empty space behind. I wish you would have turned the camera and it in portrait orientation.
I agree with MiFleur, the light on her hair is awesome! Is the colour cast deliberate? You WILL get better, you have an eye for a decent picture and the rest can be learned. ;)
Thank you! It was just kind of one of those quick snaps because she was playing with her hair, haha..but I think the way I edited it added the shadows to her face...need to watch what I'm doing in that area... But thank you again!
id like to see this with the crop and edit reworked.. cool shot though! gorgeous hair.
Okay, so I went back to the original, and I actually have no clue where the shadow is coming from because where we were standing, there was no shadows...And shes facing the sun, so not for sure how that got on her face.. but, i'm not the best at figuring out where to crop, but here is 3 more, different editing and different crops...



i personally would use your 1st crop.. but not crop the tip of the dress, and leave a lil more room on the right.. and a little less on the left.
but i like that color version much better that you posted just now
I also liked the cropped shot closer to her face as I can see more detail about her. I'm new at this and taking pictures of ppl is my struggle. This is a pretty piece and with the feedback here, your next will be even better! :)
... and I actually have no clue where the shadow is coming from because where we were standing, there was no shadows...

The shadows on her face are also made by her own face. ;)

The sun was very high in the sky when you shot this.
The eyes are located in the eye sockets which are a bit deeper than the rest of the face, so the shadows on her eyes are basically cast by her forehead.
The shadows on her cheek and neck are from her complete head.
Just remember that the light is coming straight down. There's no way it could get into those places when it travels in a straight line. A reflector could help there. ^^
To much dead space for me... harsh lighting, and the desaturation gives her a horrid skin tone.

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