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Dec 14, 2010
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I've been desiring to get a new camera for quite a while.
I've been shooting w/ a Fuji X100T fixed lens for over 4 years. It's been great but I'm wanting greater versatility and image quality.

I'm retired and on a real tight budget, so I'm thinking of the Nikon Z5 and 24-70 lens -or- Fuji XT30 w/ 16 2.8 and 35 2.0 lenses. The Fuji is more compact CMOS and a bit cheaper, while the Nikon is FF. Which do you think is the better camera for my needs as described below:

In the past I've shot a lot of B&W, but would like to shoot more color so looking for rich natural colors and good dynamic range. I'd like to shoot more nature photos besides my usual people photos. Maybe print some 11x14's to spread around our home, or maybe a coffee table book for family and friends.

My photos are pretty average and all over the place so I'd don't feel I need anything pro or expensive.
What do you think of the cameras and lenses I listed?

Here is a sample of my photographs to help you with my decission:
Michael Tabor

Thank you in advance for your advice,
Out of those two cameras Nikon Z5 for better IQ, better dynamic range, far better ISO performance and superior ergonomics. Not even close to being in the same league. Plus unlike the XT-30 Nikon is weather sealed splash/dust proof.
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Much like the Z6 Z7 with the firmware updates which improved the camera performance the Z5 should come already with the latest firmware. There is no doubt Fuji is a great system and have great glass but it comparing a crop sensor Fuji XT-30 over a year old already to the latest Z5 full frame with the latest processing engine should have some amazing IQ and ISO performance in low light. Now if the choice was between the Nikon Z50 and the Fuji XT30 i think would be a much harder choice. as both fairly close In price, size maybe weight with one card slot both located in with the battery etc.
What I've read is the Z5 uses the older sensor similar to the D750 not similar to the Z6, so I figured image quality is similar to xt30 except it's FF.
I would rather have the Z5...or even a D750,or a used D610, or a used D800. I prefer FF to APS-C. I started on 35mm in 1977, and prefer the rendering/DOF qualities of a 24x36 sensor. I started in digital with the Nikon D1 in 2001, and got my first FF, a Canon 5D in 2006 or 2007. I vastly prefer FF, and beginning in 2009 with the EXMOR type sensors from SONY, the dynamic range and the file malleability of the 24-MP and 36-MP and 47-MP sensors used in Nikons is staggering.

I Think if you go to DXO Mark and check the sensor performance scores, you'll see what the deal is...

On a really tight budget, I would look at the Canon 5D classic ( which is really quite good up to ISO 800 or 1,000)./, or the Nikon D600 in FF, and a used Nikon D3300 or D3400 in APS-C.
I purchased the D610 couple months ago new already own the Nikon D7500 crop body and the auto focus tracking ,tilt touch screen is excellent on the D7500 hardly misses a beat and if it does its usually always me user error.That said, the image quality from the D610 is fantastic, amazing DR and higher ISOs are way cleaner then the D7500 plus the large view finder for my aging eyes makes shooting more enjoyable .Ok sure the D610 wont wow anyone with autofocus speed and can struggle in the lowest light to auto focus but few times so did the D7500. I have not touched my D7500 in months and probably going to sell it put towards another FF lens. FWI i shot with a Fuji XT-10 nice IQ but the poorest ergonomics of any camera i ever held in my hand and poorest battery life ever went and sold that less then a year old.
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The advantages of FF over APS-C are several. The image quality differences and crop-ability are two technical differences. When you need to use ISO 1600 or 2000 or 2500 or 3200, FF REALLY MAKES A difference, even with an 11 year old camera like a D3 D3s or D3x... those are actually USEABLE.
Yes sir indeed.I found this out as a first time Nikon FF owner.Sometimes see noise in a blue sky at ISO 500 on the D7500 and had ISO 2,000 on the D610 not a hint of noise as long as exposure is good . I was ready to get the D750 until B&H had a special 896.00 for the D610 plus a 50mm 1.8G OEM grip and the wireless adapter package deal. I had the D600 used got a free service cleaning on the recall from nikon but the SD card slots something was going on as i was having a hard time getting both cards to pop up to pull them from the camera like they where sticking on both slots so i retuned it for credit back to B&H and just went with a new D610. Happy camper.
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Great deal on the NEW D610 package! I bought a used D610 in the summer of 2017...I was very impressed by the image quality....better than I had expected, having come form the 24MP D3x...the dynamic range was better, and the High ISO performance was better than in the D3x.
That's very good info on the FF. I'm sold on Nikon! I'm partial to Nikon too, as that is what I used in the '80-90s.
In regards to the 610 and 750, I like the Z5 w/ 24-70 f4 over a DSLR for it's size.

The hidden truth is if I could find the Nikon DF for cheap I'd buy for w/ my old 20 2.8, 35 1.4, and 180 2.8 edif lenses ... but I'm not holding my breath. But the Nikon mirrorless are so small and convenient to carry, which tilts the scale for me.

Now to allocate $2500 w/ prayer and my wife's go ahead.
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I think the Z5 will be a amazing camera. I wish it had the top LCD as I am kind of use to having that with the DSLRs but regardless most mirrorless cameras don't have that as well as entry level DSLR and wouldn't ever be a deal breaker for me. It is small with a nice deep grip so should feel real secure in the hand. good luck on what ever you decide despite what any one says, it has to feel right for you and has to have what you want from a camera.
I see the Z6 kits have come down to Z5 territory, since a Z6s is rumored. Hmmm. But Z6 memory cards are way expensive.

(I hate the complication)
You have a fascinating variety of black and white shots on Flickr. I really like the monochrome (and color) shots of the classic cars and bikes.

The simple fact is that either the Nikon FF or a Fuji with the smaller sensor could provide the IQ you need. The FF fans will claim significant IQ improvements, but in practice there's almost no discernable difference unless using higher iso in low light, or making large prints. Sensor size does matter if you are a very demanding user and put ultimate performance over bulk and weight - but then you should be using Medium Format.

Of much more importance is how the bodies feel and handle for you, and how much size and weight you are happy to carry?

The Nikon is great value, and should really be compared to the X-T4, but the Fuji is smaller and total kit weight will be less.

Personally, I value smaller and lighter, and like the more traditional controls of the Fuji. But I've been impressed with the new mirrorless offers from Nikon and Canon, and would probably go with the Nikon if I was willing to tolerate the extra bulk and weight.

I recommend you find a friendly shop, and spend a good hour trying both.

Also consider getting the lens adapters for your Fuji to add versatility at lower cost.

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