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Aug 13, 2013
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I recently purchased a Nikon D600 and have noticed an error in my pictures. There is a line through each picture in the same place. I don't really know how to describe what it looks like, so see the pictures below.


The line goes across the whole frame but is visible more in some places than in others. Any idea what this could be? I just bought the camera about a month ago from B&H.
Warranty? Seems pretty roached, I would just ask for a new one. Hot pixels are one thing. A whole line is pretty bad. In that particular photo it is sort of maybe hiddenish, but in any large uniformly colored area in another photo this would stick out like a rusty jagged neon nail.
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I agree, try to return/exchange it for a new one.
Great camera, it's too bad you have a bad one. I imagine if the store doesn't swap it out for a brand new one that Nikon would be really good about it.

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