Can anyone recommend me a decent point-and-shoot?


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Dec 26, 2006
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Bay Area, California
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So I'm going on a trip to Europe in a couple weeks for a month long backpacking trip. I don't want to bring my SLR, or my Canon S3 because I am trying to pack as light as possible...I also don't want to get $2,000 of camera equipment possibly stolen. I'm a little out of touch with what's good right now for the point-and-shoot cameras.
Basically, I want it to be pretty cheap (under $200 but cheaper, is better in this situation) Durability, battery life, smallness are all good things. I AM a photographer though, so it would be cool if it had some control and not just auto settings. Also, I've seen some P&S cameras that can go underwater, which would be pretty cool.
But if anyone has any P&S cameras that would be easy to travel with, please let me know! Thank you
i'm not big on p&s, but if you want manual controls, i think Ricoh is the best choice. probably expensive, though
The Canon S90 is one of the best P&S you can get. Unfortunately it blows your budget, it's > $300.

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