Can I Use AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm Lens On Canon e-450?


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Aug 4, 2010
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Can I Use AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm Lens On Canon 450d?
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It could be mounted using an adapter..."Most" adapters will not give you aperture control on a Canon d-slr, although there is one adapter, sold through, which will allow use of G-series Nikkors on Canon bodies. Novoflex a couple weeks ago announced they were soon to be releasing a $279, contact-equipped Nikon-to-EOS adpater that would allow lens diaphragm control with G-series Nikkors when fitted to the adapter and mounted to a Canon EOS camera.

You "can" sort of hack the lens, and use tape or a matchbook to righ the aperture to stay at an intermediate or wide-open aperture when used with a regular $20 e-Bay F-to-EOS lens adapter, but it's kind of a kludge.

A Nikon zoom lens that has an aperture control ring on the lens is a much better choice for using on a Canon body with an adapter.
Do you mean Olympus E-450 or Canon 450D?
All I read was "Can I use [Nikon Brand Lens] on [Canon Brand Name] [Olympus Model Number]".

And now I am confused.
I thought he meant the canon Eos 450D igital Rebel...

Regardless, eBay is a good place to find lens adapters, as is the Fotodiox web site--I have bought a lot of adapters from both places.

The web is a big resource as far as articles about lens adapters goes. Some searches can turn up some good articles. The various manual focus forums are another resource. For p[eople who want to adapt manual focusing lenses to d-slrs, I think the Olympus OM mount lenses and the (Asahai Pentax, Honywell Pentax, Pentax) Super-Takumar M42 thread mount lenses are some of the handiest, due to the way that the majority of those lenses have a stop-down button or lever on most lenses, which allows you to close down to shooting aperture, and then release the button to re-focus with the lens wide-open.

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