can the eyes be fixed


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Apr 26, 2010
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is there a way to kinda take away what shes looking at in her eyes? when i look at this picture thats the first thing i see its not just me is it?

Maybe I just mis-understanding your question, but all I see is her eye's, I don't see anything distracting in her eyes. I think her eyes should be brightened somewhat, as they seem to dark to me.

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This was a WEAK attempt but was this the idea of what u were looking for, in which case it would be easier to edit prior to turning black and white. I had nothing to go by in the sense of distigusing the diff between the iris/pupil so she looks a little awkward.
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Do you mean that whenever you look at this picture your eyes tries to locate the object that she is looking at ... instead of just looking at her ?
or ... are you referring to the reflection in her eyes ?

Swed ... those eyes remind me of "Children of the Corn"
kinda scary huh... it needs to be edited prior to the change to b&w since its easiest to change hsl rather than adjust contrast and make it look natural... but the funny thing is I live in Iowa between the corn fields so maybe im tapping into that... lol
yes im sorry the refection i guess that is way better put im sorry
before black and white
It looks more like the focus is on the wall behind her than her eyes. But yes, it's fairly easy to brighten the eyes in post. (I just learned myself.)

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