Can you sync Outlook calendar to iPad/Phone?


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Jul 8, 2005
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I seem to be fighting a continuing organizational battle as far as keeping track of my schedule goes. I use an iPhone & iPad as my mobile platforms, but a Windows PC as my "main" computer. I am also getting tired of limping along on the hodge-podge of software I have such as Open Office and Mozzilla and have considered moving to MS Office, but, in order to justify the $10/month subscription, there needs to be some specific gain.

For me, that would be allowing my to synchronize my desktop calendar (which in that case would be Outlook) with both of my iDevices. I have no problem sync'ing through iTunes (I haven't "invested" in Google Calendar, etc), and I've done a lot of reading, but there is no end of conflicting and contradictory information.

In short: I want to be able to enter appointments and information in Outlook's calendar and then have them appear on my iPad/Phone calendar. I don't mind purchasing an application for the 'Pad/'Phone if necessary.

Can, and if so, how, do I do this?
Yes, you can do it. I do it on both personal and business phone/computer. I think the iphone actually made the process the easiest it has been with any of my phones. Just go into the mail app and set up a new account with the necessary server information that you should be able to just copy out of Outlook on your computer.

Of course, it seems to be easy, but were I to go do it, I probably would end up with a few cuss words in there....
Being able to do it depends on what type of email account you set up on the phone and computer. An exchange account, gmail account or apples iCloud account will all let you sync contacts calendars and email between mobile devices and your computer.

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