Candid and Stanworks Building


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Jan 1, 2012
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Madera, CA
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C&C please, especially on the building. I don't like the shot I think it sucks, but I'm having a hard time figuring out this wide angle deal, it's brand new to me and something seems off. I dunno if it's just bad composition or what but there is this U thing going on on the walkway while the building seems tilted. Advice on how to work with wide angles is appreciated.


Lets start with #1....I think its a tough shot because of all of the utiltiy lines. Simply you need to either work around the environment or do an awful lot of PS to get the lines out at a minium. Colors look good, sky nice and blue, maybe a bit to dak as the bench and the coat seem to be one in the same. If the guy was looking off into a distance rather than a fence it would also be improved.

For #2, the use of a paking lot for a foreground in this shot is not good. Rather than trying to get the entire building in, you might want to get serious with the atrium front entry which has really nice dimension and really nice architecture and focus on that aspect of the building. Don't feel because you have a wide angle lens that you must fit the entire subject into the entire frame when you have a situation like this.

In addtion, you appear to be lower than you would want to be. If you did want to capture the entire building, get a bit higher. A ladder or stand on your vehicle and get yourself a bit higher to get that parking lot foreground diminished or at least less prominent. Then PS the ADA parking signs out.

I'd go back when the landscape is in bloom and give it another go.
I agree with all of the comments on #2 - pointing a wide angle upwards is always a risky proposition. This is also dark and low in contrast.

I actually like the first one with the power lines. I think we tend to have a knee-jerk reflex to remove all power lines now that we can, but here they divide the frame in an interesting way, and I also like the red line matching the red in the helmet, and the single pole in the background which is not supporting any of the really prominent lines. I'd be tempted to crop off the right end of the bench, which points out of the image, and just a bit on the top and bottom of the frame.

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