Canon 430EX - Trouble Shooting Help Needed

Discussion in 'Lighting and Hardware' started by cgennoe, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Hello Guys,

    After a hiatus I'm getting back into shooting, but I'm having issues with my Canon 430EX (bought in 2007). Overall, it's been used lightly.
    (I shoot with the Canon 30D).

    1. After pressing ZOOM button and switching to manual zoom, I can adjust flash focus manually. However, I cannot change back to Auto Zoom. It appears to be locked into Manual Zoom mode.
    -> The only way to get back to autozoom mode is to switch the flash to 'slave' mode and then just turn off slave mode.
    -> In addition, when I zoom the lens in 'auto' zoom mode, there is no change in flash zoom on the flash LCD.

    2. When I turn on the flash, it takes 1-3 minutes before the PILOT light illuminates and it actually starts firing flashes.

    I'm wondering if there is a technical issue. Please lend some advice. It's much appreciated!


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    Just to confirm, the auto zoom setting is designated by the rectangle icon.

    You might try setting it while the flash is in the forward pointing position. The auto zoom doesn't change when the flash is angled up (it just goes to the default (50mm I think)). This is because the zoom function is only for matching the light spread to the angle of view of the lens. Once you angle the flash, that no longer matters.

    Issue 2: It sounds like your batteries are low. Does it do this with fresh batteries? FYI, NiMH batteries will self discharge on their own over time.
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    might be low charge on the batteries
    is it the 430ex or 430exII

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