Canon 5D or Canon 5D Mark ii it worth the extra $$ just starting out?


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Feb 17, 2012
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New York
I am just getting started professionally and want to make the right decision. It has been a hobby for years and ready to invest in a better camera. I have an OLD canon that I have been using and was offered a canon 5D at a good deal, but wondering if I should double the price and go for the Mark ii? Any thoughts? I do wedding (inside usually pretty dark so the higher ISO is exciting to me) Mine currently only goes to 1600. I also do infant/children photography mostly.
This is what I normally use....the others aren't as nice so I find I never change to them unless I have to!
If you can wait a bit. I think the price of the original 5D and MarkII will drop a bit when the MarkIII comes out.
I would also look at a 70-200 2.8L Maybe the prices will drop enough that you could get both the lens and the camera!
It's a nice camera for weddings and portraits. Other things-not so great.
It depends on the price you are getting the camera for. The 5d3 is supposedly going to be announced on 2/29, so you can expect the used prices of the 5d2 to drop as everyone is unloading them to upgrade once the 5d3 (or whatever it is called) ships.
Before I start to think any more about it... I'd have to hear price.
I know...I just have a wedding in two weeks and wanted to use the new camera, also, a beach wedding in a month, so wanted to have the camera to practice a bit before then! I have no patience to wait! I probably will though!???????
1200 for the 5D, vs 2300 for the Mark ii
OH HELL NO. You can find the 5d under a grand and the 5d2 NEW at $1999 if you are careful and look. It's only $2399 full price, no discounts.

If you want something with more capability before the wedding-rent or borrow. rents bodies at a reasonable price. The insurance is cheap as well. That may be the way to go to see if you like the camera.
+1 for renting a body.

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