Canon AT-1 Problem


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Jun 16, 2003
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South Korea
I just bought a 'new' canon AT-1 and after taking 2 pictures it broke and now the shutter button doesn't seem to work. I can't take it back to the shop for a few weeks because its far out of my way, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I don't have a waranty and if the problem isn't electrical, i can maybe fix it. But, yes, anything beyond simple mechanical problems i leave to the pros. jsut a little bummed that my 'new' camera is shot...
If the camera is completely locked up, it is probably the aperature control mechinism. Be sure a good camera repair person does the work but it could be more than it's worth. My daughter had that problem with a Minolta and it cost her $200.
What exactly are the symptoms?

Were you able to advance the film after the second shot? If not it may be as simple as a film jam locking the film advance which would disable the shutter because it isn't cocked. Have you removed the film to see if that's the problem?

Does the apterture ring on the lens turn freely?
Is the mirror stuck in the up position?
Is the shutter open or closed?

Need more details of the actual condition before any advice can really be rendered.

Try what photobug said. If you can't do any function with the camera or can't see thru the lens, it's the aperature control which is strictly mechanical. The bad thing about it is that Canon was the first to discontinue manual SLRs of the major brands, and parts could be more difficult to find. Take it to a good shop and ask first.
After the last shoot i took with it, the film advanced. I rewound the film in the camera and removed it to check, and everything appears to be okay there. The mirror is down, the shutter is closed. I replaced the battery, that did nothing. The light metter works fine aswell.

I don't think its the apterture control at all, that seems to be working fine - ring moves freely, apterture indicator moves with ring, preview button shows the apeture opening and closing. I think its eletrical, so I may be in trouble.
Problem solved. Made the 1 1/2 hour bus ride after work to go to the shop. The guy looked at, determined that it was indeed broken, and allowed me to trade it in for a Canon AE-1 that he just got in on saturday. So, after three months of disasterous exquipment problems, I can finally start taking pictures again.

Thanks for all the help and advice.

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