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Oct 29, 2016
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After many years of experience, I have the impression that the biggest color eater is Epson. Probably related to the quality, which is the highest, but it goes a lot into money. Canon tastes a little less. In the end, HP appears to be the most usable in terms of price and quality achieved (after calibration, paper type, etc.). I'm talking about a segment with slightly better outputs than basic, with original papers and ink. (Epson Stylus Photo 2400, 1800, Canon Pixma A3 range, or HP DesignJet 30, 120). Can anyone comment on this, from the point of view of a nonprofessional photographer?
Thanks for the insights and reactions.

Yea hiya Peter
I use an old, well is now, canon pixma ix 6550 and i print at A3 all the time
As most of my prints are short life Images In that they are not expected to be used for more than a few months for my printer I use 3rd party inks reason being is that on a print run for say display in local cafe I can use a number of cartridges in a session
When displaying in the cafe, the images are touch a lot and generally don’t last long hence the 3 party inks
I can’t say how long an ink tank lasts as when doing a print run I print 20 plus images
But the ink does do well when printing t shirt transfers it does not fade with use
Hope this helps and I am a non pro. Strictly a hobby for me, I used to display in a cafe so that others could enjoy what I do whilst they had a cuppa and a cake
Whilst old the ix6550 does deliver very good images, the inks as dais are 3 party but are no the really cheap
Their price is about mid way between real cheap, low quality and canon own brand I get a % discount as I will buy several sets at a time
Well, my current main problem is not in the ink or type of photo printer. I know the photo only ink and a quality machine. I'm addressing the need for a printer for my home office. As an architect, I need quality for line vectors and a minimum of photo. However, I also need photo quality for the presentation. Anyway, I print little and sporadically, suddenly. I don't want another box for the reason of space. I prefer a color laser, but it has lousy photo quality. Especially when I saw this, for example: HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn Review
I assumed that technology is already advanced now, I'm looking for info everywhere I can.
That is why I am asking here about the matter of drying and possible consumption of paint. I definitely prefer original supplies, not alternatives.
I'll probably have to make room for the other inkjet box.
Ok all the best, some printers print blacks better than others, which I assume is important to you with plan
Sorry could not be of more help
After the constant replacement of inks, because I wasn't printing that many photos, I gave up on inkjet and went back to BW laser printer from HP for cheap and quick and better text prints. Printing photos on that rare occasion can be done outside.
I print my own due to better quality than I have gotten at several places, both local and online.
My Cannon Pro 100 does way better than all of the sources I've tried. Better than my old Epson and all the HP's I've tried.

Of course it's purpose built for quality photo prints and uses 8 ink tanks. I can buy just the ones it uses up most often, (for some reason it's always the lt. gray that goes first), that holds the costs down a bit. But all 8 tanks runs around $125 for a bulk package.

I get around 20 13" x 19" high quality prints before it starts with the ink low nag warning. I have gotten as many as 40 to 50 8" x 10" prints from a set. That's just slightly less than I can buy them from some online shops, but the quality is much better IMHO anyway.

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