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Cape Cod beach pano and storm


Been spending a lot of time on here!
May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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Went out when we had some gusty winds and waves. Always open to critique and help. I am not great at PP.
Coast Guard Bch pano_edited-2 (1024x347).jpg

Coast Guard Beach storm_edited-1.jpg
I like them. The horizon is a little tilted, though.
Nice. Make me almost willing to deal with traffic to the Cape!
Seeing noise in both or just the 2nd one Lew?
2nd was in Photomatix but picked the least grungy looking option. Still figuring it out...
I rather like them, and straightening isn't too hard to learn. I did by making copies and using the custom setting and adjusting a little at a time left or right, then would come back and look and compare. You could make a bunch of copies to practice so you can mess up and keep practicing til you get the hang of it.

But you know what, I started wondering how much they are in need of straightening because the land slopes to the right and might make it more noticeable. The horizon line disappears behind the grassy ridge which gets hilly so this is a more tricky one than most I think. I sometimes go by a post or side of a building, if it's perpendicular to the sides of the frame, and those posts in the sand are leaning every which way so I'd probably go by the buildings to tell if/how much straightening might be needed. When I clicked on them I could see some lean there so some straightening would probably be worthwhile.

Yeah, you gotta go correct that earth curvature, lol and smooth out some hills and sand dunes, etc.
Thanks Peeb!
SquarePeg, traffic is almost non-existent now, c'mon down :)

Haven't been to the Cape in about 10 years Nancy. I've never really considered going in the Fall. I may have to investigate that - we have a couple of free weekends in November before the holiday madness sets in.

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