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Dec 14, 2003
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Most of you know about our halloween haunt, so I was not sure where to dump this, but....I was asked by a few members to see the set.
Boneyard(the guys I do the haunt with) were hired to do the set up for the Ghost of Christmas past at Casaloma here in Toronto. There are ongoing plays and stuff that will be happening till Christmas.
Paul took on the task of dragging most of my cemetery and his animatronic ghosts down to set up.
This is a shot of my gravestones and the set up. Sorry it is not my photo, but I wanted ya'all to see what we look like. :)

Hey Anty...I probably wont get down till sometime next week, but will be going after hours with Paul to check on things.
Wow, what a great shot in tough lighting conditions!! It looks awesome in the pic, and just as awesome in person I'll bet! Where is it set the garden out back of Casa Loma (I see some tiles in the pic, so can't figure it out)?
This is in the Swimming pool area. In not to familiar with that part either. I can see Pauls crank ghost in the window. Remember the one in the front window of the haunt?

Glad you got to see it in person Jeanney. what a difference from one place to the other eh? :)
I'll have to nip up to Casa Loma and see this's on 'til Christmas, I assume?
Yeah... I did not check out the costs tho. Apparently, there is more then one area set up, as it spreads throughout the castle. I saw it briefly on the web site too. :wink:

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