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Abby Rose

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Feb 17, 2010
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Ok, really, because there was no place with usable light in my room that didn't have a corner, so I tried to make the corner part of the picture. :blushing: When I get it right, I'm going to put a pink filter over it and it will be my Breast Cancer Awareness month picture. :)

I mostly want to know about the rather poorly photoshopped zig zag that I made the wall line into, but other CC is more than welcome.

Good question. I figured since it was a cartoon heart, and cancer is sad, then a zig-zag would mean "broken". :er:

Get rid of it?
Maybe if it was the other way it would be like a heart monitor. It shows the heart is still beating and didnt give in to the cancer.
maybe, yeah. But the corner on my wall runs up and down.

It's possible I could find another, corner-less, stretch of wall sometime.

Without the zig-zag... I just felt like I needed to do something with that line, and I couldnt get rid of it while taking the picture nor during, pp, so... :)

what does heart have anything to do with breast cancer? Maybe for a heart campaign not cancer?
think it was a good concept and for a good cause what diff does it make that its a heart love the Idea.:)

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