Chicago Cloud Gate

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Jun 18, 2010
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It's been a while since I posted, but here is a picture I got of Chicago's "Cloud Gate" in Millennium Park. Lemme know what you think...Thanks in advance.

Thanks! Who knew a big blob of steel would look so cool...
I like the shot, it brings a cool twist to a city scape photo. The only criticism I thought of, was the people in the reflection are distracting. To me the focus is either the sky vs. the mirror, or the cool reflection of the buildings. The people just clutter it up for me and break that nice line of the sidewalk. Maybe clone them out? To me, that little difference would make it a winner!
I didn't even really think about the people. Thanks for the advice!
I'm going this weekend - and one of the shots on the list is the Bean. Is there an easy parking area near there (I understand there is NEVER easy in Chicago parking, but looking to hit the Museum of Photo and the Bean since near each other.

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