Christmas Babies.


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Jan 1, 2008
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If these images are too large, please let me know and I will replace them with smaller versions. My son is the one in the Santa hat and booties and my nephew is joining him in the first two shots. Thanks for looking!
Hey Jaclyn, welcome to ThePhotoForum and Happy New Year to you (even if Day 2 of the new year has arrived already).

Your son is super-cute! :D
Nice background cloth you have and he is just so lovely in his Santa outfit! :D

The last three are the good ones, so I think. Eyes nicely in focus, with cute expressions. Very endearing.

The first three have some flaws, plus I personally am not too big a fan of selective colouring (any more ... I was, for just the brief while it took me to learn how it is being done, but ever since ...). It looks cheesy to me in most cases. Though the first presented her is funny, what with the two "eating" the tree lights :D.
When you boy is looking over his shoulder. Its a perfect shot. I have a very similer one of my 6 month old, But yours is perfect. I would blow it up on the wall for sure!
I am new too and am no expert but.....

#4 and #6 are GREAT!

I am sooo wanting to say get those lights out of the babies mouths! I guess that is the MOM in me talking though.

I too am not a fan of B&W with color.... but sometimes it works.

I would crop #6 and blow it up for sure ;) What a cute little guy!
I think the selective color works well with number one. Not so much number 2. In fact...number 2 doesn't do much for me. I like how we see their faces, but number one pulls me in more. They look quite content shoving lights in their mouths.
Welcome to the forum.

These shots have a lot of 'awwww" factor. Very cute. I quite like the first one, with the two of them playing with the lights, and the 4th and 5th shots in colour and you can see his beautiful eyes and sweet little face.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts

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