Classic Automobiles

Bump for criticism, my main focus is auto photography so anything that will help me get better is very much appreciated
I'm far from a pro but in my opinion the papers in the windows are a little distracting, but over all the exposures are great and #3 and #4 are my favorites.
I personally like the steering wheel pics the best. The first one I feel like would look better a little more from the right.

Side note, your watermark is very intricate looking. A little too intricate to me, those loops remind me of a roller coaster!
I like the steering wheels the best, too, and agree that the papers are distracting. I like the first one a lot, too, but wish there were no people it. I know at these types of shows it's nearly impossible to avoid having people in the shot, and the guy in the foreground kinda works, but the dude drinking a Sprite needs to go. When I've shot at these types of shows, I tend to go for details or angles that avoid people and stickers. Or be obnoxious and just ask people to step out of the frame :)
I would have loved the first one if the people were not in the shot. Perhaps next time wait until the people are not in the shot
Depending on how long the the cars are there, there's potential to not even wait until people leave. Take multiple shots and you can stitch em all together. It's a long process but if the shot's great, it could be worth it.

That.... It ask them to move for a second ;)
Thanks for all the comments guys, I agree about the papers in the windows and they were distracting for me as well. They are the registration forms so that the cars can be judged so everyone puts them where they are more visible. People are very touchy when it comes to car shows so I definitely wasnt going to move them myself. As for the people walking around it is impossible to get a shot where there isnt someone photobombing. Thanks again guys

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