clown fish :)


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Sep 4, 2007
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Yes they're funny.
shot with sigma 70-300 Macro lens on Canon 400D


Very nice!
One of my favorite fish:thumbup:
thanks rob. these guys are new to my aquarium, just picked them up yesterday and they are just amazing, great personality. wouldn't stay still enough for me to get them together
Is it possible to see a whole tank shot?
Yes thats why these are my fav fish...lots of personality!
i can get one either tonight or tomorrow some time. won't be easy to find the guys in the full tank shot, they're pretty small. only a 37 gallon tank gotta clean up the rock a bit. also got a purple firefish and a scooter blenny. i have pictures of them just non recent.
Cool:thumbup:..i will be expecting some pics later on then!
Very nice! I like #2 the most. I do miss the pair of True Percs that I had in my tank.
scooter blenny's i think have even more of a personality then clownfish. when i first got him, if i would sit down infront of the tank and look at him he would rest on a rock or on the sand and stare right back at me.
Ya, Blennies seem to be just as curious about us as we are of them.

I had a Sailfin (Lawnmower) Blenny that would do the same thing whenever my wife and I were near the tank.

My Jawfish were characters to. They'd spit sand at you and stack snails on top of one another.

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