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Mar 7, 2012
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i have uploaded HDR images with different preset used.. please choose the better one and explain why is it good and the other one is not $IMG_1477_8_9.jpg$IMG_1477_8_9_tonemapped.jpg
Your temperature is way off.
for both?this is the image before hdr $IMG_1479.jpg
are you actually using more than one exposure? The posting above is telling me that you are using one exposure.

If you are using one exposure you are not doing HDR but rather tonemapping.

Either way I would say out of your two photos to choose from the first would be better only because the sky is not blown out but in both the sky is dirty.

Thats all I will comment on.
I am not a big fan of heavy HDR or tone mapping , I like # 3
i did use 3 exposure .. just that didnt upload all 3..
The first one shows a little more detail in the dark areas than the second one - note the the tire and the foliage to the right of the truck (viewer's left).
others can view it fine.. im not sure why u cant.. sorry
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