Competition with Prize!! Guess how this shot was taken...


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Jul 14, 2003
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Feeling like I want to give something back to the people of this forum for the help I’ve received and noticing that many people have problems getting their pictures hosted to show other people, if you can guess what took this picture with an explanation as to why you think so. To whoever gives the best explanation I will host 20 of your pictures until the end of the year! If no one can guess what took it, I’ll just choose the person with the funniest suggestion!….

The only clue I’ll give you is that it was taken with a 110 film. :D


Conditions of the prize are…

Picture size cannot exceed 100k
Pictures will be uploaded by emailing them to me
You must be an amateur photographer and actively show this on this forum.
You must not have your own website
You can change what pictures are hosted at any time
I will not host “questionable” pictures
I may stop hosting your pictures if I feel you’re generating too much traffic.

I will not host ?questionable? pictures

:lol: lets just say the idea of hosting a pic of someone nailing their gonads to a table is not my cup of tea!
taken with a model rocket 110 camera.....i used to have one.
We have a Winner! Congratulations to Jdog for correctly working out how the pic was taken! And giving a definitive reason why he thought so.
Indeed I used to have a rocket with a small 110 camera in the nose cone! I launched it about a dozen times before the tail fins melted and that pic was one of the better ones.

The most frustrating thing happened with one film, the rocket landed in an industrial area and I had to wait ‘till Monday to retrieve it but by then someone had found it and removed the film! I asked around and found the guilty person, who gave it back to me, sadly because he hadn’t removed the film properly none came out!

Jdog if you email me at [email protected] I’ll send you your ftp and http details so you can get uploading! :D


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