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Dec 25, 2015
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2-Starlite QL studio lights w/24"x32" & 20"x17" PhotoFlex Whitedome nxt platinum series softboxes and stands with boom arms.
Portable backdrop stand.
5 - 10'x16' backdrops.
2-Smith Victor portable umbrella lights with hard case.
1-Smith Victor mini spot with snoot.
1 Westcott backdrop light.
1-Posing table.
1-Posing stool.
2-Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 transceivers for Nikon.
Bogen 3236 tripod with Manfrotto 3265 head.
Westcott "Monte's Illuminator" reflector & stand.
Extra bulbs for lights.
gear layout.jpg
Well, I am sure this will do nicely. Not a complaint here, just wondering. Star Wars-style gear mixed with light bulbs? Is this due to cost or do you like light bulbs better than strobes? I assume you have a van to transport this all in.
Well, after watching someone with a strobe, shoot, move light, shoot, move light (must not of had a modeling light in strobe) I went with continuous lighting so I knew my shadows and highlights the first time.
Used mostly in home studio, does break down well for transport. On occasion I did utilize a mini van just to be faster by not having to fold down the soft boxes but for the most part everything fit in the back seat of my truck.
Are these photos of the actual items for sell? They look like stock photos, but I could be wrong.
Also with this much gear for sale, you should put what town you are in. since this will most likely need to be local pickup.
Good luck selling it. :)
All photos of the actual gear with the exception of the backdrop stand,that is a stock shot.
It is located in Port Huron, Michigan.

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