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Jan 13, 2008
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So. Maine
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Last week, I bought a D70 from a friend who replaced it with a D300. Went out over the weekend to try it out and these are the results. I'd love to know where to improve on things (and how to do it), as I am fairly new to photography. Thanks.

Edit: Forgot one last pic, and as to the boat pic, the boat itsself looks grainy but I'm fairly sure it was the material of it, 'cause the rest of the shots I have of it look the exact same way. But if it is me, and not the boat, how would I fix it?

The first one is a gorgeous sunset, but it is pretty fuzzy. Did you use a tripod with it? I just purchased one today, so I can't wait for it to show up so I can do some night shots.

The second one is pretty grainy looking. I'm still learning so I can't give you specifics of how to correct it yet, but I'm sure someone else easily can. I think it may be that the ISO setting is set too high?

I just got the D70S a few weeks ago and love it, but man, there are a lot of knobs and settings to learn aren't there? :lol:
I relly like the third one.
The forth I think would benefit from having the guy in focus. Otherwise it's a very nice shot.

Thanks for the comments. Seems things being out of focus is an issue for me. Ill get my hands on a decent tripod and see what I can get with that.
I like the first and fourth one the best. The only thing about the first one is it might be a little too dark. The fourth one would look really nice if it was focused and the person was just a silhouette.

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