Couple Landscapes...C&C Ecnouraged!


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Feb 17, 2009
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Bishop, CA
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I took these shots with an old Olympus OM-10, used commercial processing, and scanned them into the computer. No post processing wizardy, just added the borders and my name...

Would LOVE some comments and critiques...I'm getting a new DSLR this weekend, and ANY tips I can get would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!!




This last one was Kodak film(I think it's called C4, or something...B&W film), processed using commercial color processing. Tones still came out decently...IMO...

Thanks again for any tips and advice!!
I still have my OM10 along with my OM40, was a great little camera.

Number one is a nice shot although it looks a little overexposed in the mountains/sky.
But that could be the scanning. If the water was that still i think i would have tried to make more of the reflection, from the little there it looks perfectly still.

Number two i like, it's spot on

Number three, not a clue, that one does nothing for me really i'm afraid. It does kinda look
like a giant dead cockroach though, Lol.
Thanks for your input!

#1...yes, the water was that still. However, the reflection was not prevalent to my eye. Of course...I was there for the fishing, not the photography, so I had polarized glasses on, which probably eliminated the reflection to my eyes, though obviously not the camera. The sky and mountains proabably are a bit over exposed. This was taken at about 5:45am...sun was just rising. I didn't have a tripod, or a light meter, or anything...just stood there and took the picture as the sun rose.

#2...Thanks! That was another opportunity during a fishing day. That mountain formation is roadside at one of my favorite wild trout freestones. I love it up there, and can't wait to get up there with my DSLR when it comes. There are many other very unique and interesting mountain peaks along the roadside there, too.

#3...that was taken at sunset. It's a bit darker than I would like, and if I had access to a darkroom, I would have processed it differently. It would have been nice to get more highlights and detail but...c'est la vie. I'll be going back up there with my DSLR this summer, too...

Thanks for your input!
I would eliminate your name and the white border from the images, both are distracting. If you are worried that someone is going to steal your images, that wont deter most people.

1 & 2 - I think that you could have made a more "Unique" crop. The cropping is very typical.

2 - The blacks have no detail. When you go back to this location you should spend 20 minutes and shoot the crap out of it. Use a tele and then a normal lens. Change your aperture 2.8, 5.6, 8, 16, 22. Experiment and push your comfort zone so you can learn something new. Then sit down and analyze all the images.

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