Critique and Opinons Wanted: The Infamous Red Sunglasses


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May 13, 2005
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Colorado, US
So this was more a fluke shot the other day, seeing what my new sunglasses looked like on film. So after I looked at it, I obviously did some photoshop work on it. The question is, what do you guys think of it? I also had some red lipstick on that is almost the same color, should I bring that in to tie it to the picture?

Also trying to bring in the red from the lips was very difficult because it blended in with the skin a bit. Any tips?? Anybody who would like to revise this picture is welcome.


Try a reshoot tilting your head back slightly. I would like to see the light source closer to the eye. That may also light your lips a little better. Play around with the poses under the light. You are on to something.
try it with color red lips color and edit the hair side in photoshop for more finer effect..
you are difinately on to something. all the advice given above i would agree with.

Maybe if you add a feather of about 2 pixels this could help when doing the selective colouring of the lips
What's been said already basically - crop the top down a bit to lose some of that wasted space, try and do a colour match on the lips. Perhaps if you're gonna reshoot - wear black sleeves to hide your arms? There's a shot there though - I like the expression and the idea.

if you are going to make the lips red make hte lenses black and white to balance it out.
i would like to see the forehead and the nose a little less bright and the eye brows in higher contrast. The intensity of the spot on the right glass detracts me.
Wow, I hadn't even seen that spot from the light on the glasses. Thank you guys for your opinions and time.

I'm not a fan of partially colored images, so I won't comment on that part, but I think a longer focal length would help a lot. Wide angles distort faces, so here you have "egg-head" and your ears are small. That makes it harder to do self-portraits, but I think it's worth the effort.

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