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Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by XJBaylor, Sep 4, 2007.

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    I know that CS3 extended has the capability to use more of your computers memory because of the 3D capabilities. But if you are not using those functions does anyone know if it is more of a RAM hog than the typical CS3?

    I ask because I have the ability to get CS3 with an educational discount and the only version I can find is extended. With the discount it is still a much better deal than the regular version of CS3.


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    What kind of computer are you on - Mac or PC? If PC, I can't help.

    If Mac, it's not an issue at all. The RAM usage is proportional to how many images you have open, how big they are, etc. The standard stuff. What gets slow is when the footprint it wants to take up is larger than your RAM, and then it will spill over to the scratch disk(s), AKA VRAM on your hard drive.

    I've edited huge (350 MB, dozens of layers, 16-bit) files that take up about 3 GB of RAM, but my laptop only has 1.5 GB. It's handled it fine. It's a tad slow, but it works.

    I have not used any of the 3D functions. So my understanding is that unless you actually initialize that module, it isn't going to take up any more RAM than normal. But, even if it does, you should be fine.

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