dad's 1938 plymouth


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Jan 26, 2007
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after looking through mar1u5's infamous thread of his beautiful car photo's, i decided id give it a bit of a whirl.
this is my dad's 1938 plymouth thats been sitting in the garage for years, only time i've seen it running is on a home video from about 12 years ago.





tell me what you think guys! it was my first time with automotive photography and i gotta say i enjoyed the experience, gave me something new to try out and i think i learned a bit in the process.
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I love 1 and 3 they are seriously cool.
I'd try nr.3 again, but move a bit back to get more of the car in the frame maybe. Just move back, don't do more wide angle on it. It's got real potential in my eyes. In nr.2 it looks like you're a bit too far to the left, throwing everything off a bit. Might be the light tho. I donno.. Just feels like you're hitting it at an angle, when it should have been straight on and centered. The interior wide angle shot has too much distortion making the wheel look weird. In the last picture I don't know if it's distortion or if the indicator light is mounted a bit twisted, but it bothers me that it's "looking" straight at me, really grabbing my attention. And it shouldn't, because it's a real unflattering detail in my own opinion. And I'm not sure if you should light up the garage or anything else other than the front of the car in that shot.

Anyways, these are just some things I'd concider myself - not right/wrong :)
thanks for the comment marius, and i know what you mean about #2. i think it must be the lighting or maybe the position on the screen, because its pretty much dead centre. but i can see that it does look kinda off.
and with #4 the indicator is actually mounted pointing that way, but i see what you mean.
how do you think i went for a first go at automotive?
I love #4. The angle is sick and the sky make it really look mean. I do think its maybe a tad dark? I know thats the look you were going for but it kind of makes me squint..could be my monitor though. As far as #3 I'd love it more if it was directly straight on but it seems like its at a tad bit of an angle. #1 doesn't do much for me just because its too much of a wide angle IMO. #2 is nothing crazy but at the same time the simpleness is nice.

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