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Dead Looking Photo Shoot!


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Sep 2, 2010
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San Diego
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Had a photo shoot with one of my friends who is pretty much down for whatever! haha



Sorry number 1 and 3 look awkward to me but I like the moodiness of 2.
In number one the spatters of whatever in the bottom look very orange tinged, less believable.
#2 is pretty sweet. I think it could have had a tad less depth of field and maybe a contrast overlay in PP. #1 and 3 could be more realistic if the girl would have closed her eyes.
"Go Hard or Go Home"

As is it looks like someone took ketchup, mixed it with a lot of water, flung a tiny tad bit around a bathtub, ran the water, then hopped in.... Which is exactly what happened, I'm guessing.

More spatters. Deeper red, possibly a tad bit thicker fluid. Lose the vignetting. Make your shots look more deliberate, and less like high quality snapshots. In every pictures there is SOMETHING that is compositionally distracting. In #1 it's an odd angle of both the camera and lighting, and the odd reflections in the upper left. In #2 it's the thing in the bathtub with her, on the edge in the back corner, and the spout merging with her head. #3, another odd camera angle with little deliberation, the thing in the upper left, and the spout/shadow of the spout just barely in the bottom left of the frame.
She is to pretty to die!!
even twisted up in a bath coverd in blood!!

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