Diana Dreamer F+ question- please help! :)


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Jan 30, 2012
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Hi- sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong location, if the answer is somewhere around here and i am too stupid to find it, or if my question is unintelligible- Every time I've used the Diana, I take 16 shots on the "N" setting; however, when my film is developed, I only recieve back sometimes 4 of those 16 shots, or 10 of the 16, etc.

On the film's negative, the pictures don't line up with the numbers, and the photos missing are blank on the negative. Am I just missing a painfully obvious mistake? I'm new to this camera. I know for a fact that the lens cap has been off when taking pictures, the correct frame mask has been inserted, and the aperture had been set to a variation of the three settings (not affecting which pictures turned out,) and the exposure was a variation of sunny, semi-cloudy, and cloudy.. (also not affecting which pictures turned out)

Thanks so much! :)
The camera's shutter may be malfunctioning (not actually opening sometimes). These are not precision cameras and their shutters can develop glitches.

Remove the back and point the camera to a light source and repeatedly fire the shutter while looking through the lens from the rear. See if it actually opens each time.
I tried it a lot, and each time the shutter opened... Thanks though!

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